Schedule of trains on the route

  • Train
  • Departure
  • Duration
  • Arrival
  • Цены от:
  • 146 “ДУНАЙ” Odessa - KYIV PAS
    Departure 00:51 Odessa
    Duration 10 h 01 min
    Arrival 10:52 KYIV PAS
    Price from: from 128 UAH
  • 764 “ІНТЕРСІТІ” Odessa - KYIV PAS
    Departure 05:40 Odessa
    Duration 7 h 06 min
    Arrival 12:46 KYIV PAS
    Price from: from 355 UAH
  • 24 Odessa - KYIV PAS
    Departure 15:10 Odessa
    Duration 9 h 38 min
    Arrival 00:48 KYIV PAS
    Price from: -
  • 94 Odessa - KYIV PAS
    Departure 15:41 Odessa
    Duration 9 h 40 min
    Arrival 01:21 KYIV PAS
    Price from: -
  • 762 “ІНТЕРСІТ” Odessa - KYIV PAS
    Departure 15:41 Odessa
    Duration 7 h 18 min
    Arrival 22:59 KYIV PAS
    Price from: from 366 UAH

Odessa – Kyiv Pas offers the service of online train ticket purchase – you can buy a train ticket from any place with access to the Internet. The train e-ticket gives right to board train on many routes without conventional paper ticket purchased at booking office. Thus, online purchase of train ticket is cheaper and more convenient as you don't need to go to the station and stand in the queue.

However, possibility to board the train with the e-ticket is provided not for all trains. In that case, you may book and pay for the Odessa – Kyiv Pas train ticket online and exchange the e-ticket printout for conventional paper ticket at the booking office without standing in the queue.

To buy a ticket or pay for the booking of the Odessa–Kyiv Pas train via the service, you need to enter date, starting point, and destination. The system will automatically find all possible travel options and will arrange them by price – from cheapest to most expensive. From the rail travel options on offer, you may select the most suitable one by its price, departure and arrival time. You may select type of carriage (3rd, 2nd, or 1st, or luxury class), seats and additional services (bedding, tea, coffee, and other). Ticket price for the Odessa–Kyiv Pas train will be displayed below.

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We are taking care about privacy of your personal information. All personal details (name, telephone number, email address, and payment card number) are transmitted via encryption and not saved on server – that is, they remain confidential.

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General info

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